About Greentwip

So what is this thing?

Greentwip is the commercial name I use for porting and developing video games. Greentwip is created with the hope for games to become more cross platform and retrieve back old memories for classical games.

Ok, so why should i care?

Well, if any of the topics above seem interesting to you, have a look at the videos that are in the home section. It might be you find something interesting specially for that big one called Sonic 2 HD.

And, if you like what you see there and have something you want to share as well, please don't hesitate and do so! We also empower others by sharing content on our social media accounts, currently being managed by nothing less but Victor Lopez

if you have any questions (or just feel like saying hello), either shoot an email at vjlopezcarrillo@gmail.com or stop by @Greentwip on Twitter!

I like these games, but your stuff's lame

As much as I would encourage you to get the games I've kicked in for quite a long time, I might not be the more suited person to understand your feelings, in that case, I can recommend you following other channels with more interesting content than I do:




go look at them instead!